Georges Wenger
Georges Wenger Georges Wenger Georges Wenger

Ресторан Georges Wenger

 / Le Noirmont / Швейцария

2, rue de la Gare
CH-234 Le Noirmont
+ 41 (0)32 957 66 33
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The restaurant Georges Wenger is arranged as two elegant connecting rooms, able to seat up to 60 guests.
In a region which is so close to nature, the cuisine is intimately linked with the changing seasons.
The products used come from the best regional sources, which make up the chef’s own “quality network”. Market gardeners, fruit-growers, farmers, butchers, anglers, fishmongers, fruit-pickers … a fellowship of like-minded enthusiasts – often friends – daily committed to defending the products of their terroir.
For Georges Wenger, it is this notion which is fundamental to the very beginnings of a cuisine based on truthfulness to its origins, unlike any other.