The Exclusive Places Regulations:

§ 1 Definitions

1. – web portal gathering the most exclusive places in the gastronomy, entertainment and hotel industry and private persons associated with the Club named the Exclusive Places Club.
2. The Exclusive Places Club – a club, which associates Cardholders (Members), selected by the Leader.
3. The Exclusive Places Group - association of connoisseurs selecting the best places in Europe.
4. The Partner - an entrepreneur running a business in the gastronomy, entertainment and hotel industry, holding a retail premises which, after prior approval of the Leader, is being added to the list of premises posted on the website.
5. The Member - a person who is at least 21 years of age, of every nationality, selected by the Leader, holding the Member Card and having valid membership of the Exclusive Places Club.
6. The Leader - the owner of the portal.
7. The Club – Exclusive Places Club.
8. The Member Card -  card entitling the Member to use the services offered by the Partners on preferential terms. The card displays the holder’s name. Each card has its own serial number. The card may be used only by the Member of the Exclusive Places Club.
9. The Call Center – a telephone information service for Members, providing support and information in many languages.
10. The Regulations of portal - regulations that define the scope and terms of use and functioning of the portal.

§ 2 General conditions

1. The portal gathers the most exclusive places in Europe.
2. The Club gathers people from all over the world, providing its Members with privileges defined on the portal in the “Privileges of the Exclusive Places Club Member” tab.
3. The Member of the Club may be selected only by the Leader.
4. For each Member of the Club a membership card is issued against payment. The Member Card is valid  for one year  since the date of issue.
5. By making a payment for membership in the Exclusive Places Club and issuing the Member Card the agreement between the Leader and the person making the payment is concluded. Under the agreement the Leader makes that person a Member of the Exclusive Places Club and undertakes to issue a membership card called the Member Card, at the same time the Member undertakes to comply with the provisions of these Regulations.
6. The list of the Partners, restaurants, clubs and hotels, is listed on the website. The Member Card is accepted in those premises, which featured such information on their profiles on the Leader’s website.
7. Partners can put information about their membership of the Exclusive Places in a visible place in form of a mark (sample below).

3 Responsibility

1. The content of the portal is subject to copyright under the provisions of the Act of 4 February 1994 on copyright and related rights. The copyright for the content of the materials contained on the portal are entitled exclusively to the Leader or Partner.
2. Any reproduction, including copying or other public distribution of the above items requires the consent of the Leader.
3. The Partner agrees to publish the materials on its premises on the .
4. In order of notification of a breach of copyright and related rights the Leader will provide the relevant institutions with all data for the identification of the suspect.

§ 4 Protection of personal information

1. The Exclusive Places portal collects personal information within the provisions of the Act of 29August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Informations. The Members of the Exclusive Places Group agree on the processing of their personal informations by the Leader, also for marketing purposes. The Members of the Exclusive Places Group have the right to inspect and edit the information submitted to the Leader.

§ 5 The services provided by the portal

1. The Leader pledges to make every effort to ensure the services offered on the portal have been provided at the highest level. The Members use the services of the website at their own responsibility. The service outages or other errors may not be the basis for any claim in relation to the Leader.
2. The Leader reserves the right to temporarily suspend the operation of the portal. In this respect, the Members shall have no claim.
3. The Leader is not responsible for the results of the use of the Members’ passwords by third parties regardless of how they were acquired.

§ 6 Final Provisions

1. The Leader reserves the right to make changes in these Rules without the need to notify the Members, indicating only the date of last Rules’ modification.
2. Requests, comments and complaints about the functioning of the portal may be submitted in writing to the address of the Leader's office.
3. The regulations come into force on publication on the portal.
4. In case of a change or cancellation of any provision of these Rules, due to a valid court order, all the remaining provisions shall remain in force and binding on the parties.