Privileges of the Exclusive Places Club Member:

  1. Free entry (with a partner) to the clubs asocciated by Exclusive Places Group without queuing.
  2. The possibility of opening an "account at the bar".
  3. Free VIP entry to the Exclusive Places Clubs and the possibility of staying in the VIP zone.
  4. Free reservations in the Exclusive Places Restaurants.
  5. The opportunity of speaking to head chefs of the Exclusive Places Restaurants.
  6. A 10 per cent discount on the menu in the Exclusive Places Restaurants.
  7. Free booking in the Exclusive Places Hotels.
  8. A 10 per cent discount on all hotel services.
  9. Ensuring help in organizing a national or foreign trips granted in many languages, in the field of:
  10. choosing a club,
    selecting a restaurant,
    choosing a hotel,
    booking a table at the restaurant,
    organizing before and after parties,
    providing company,
    providing security,
    ensuring confidentiality,
    organizing transport e.g. renting a limousine,
    organizing flights. 
  11. The guarantee of free entry with a partner to all private events organized by the Exclusive Places Club.
  12. An access to information about the latest news and events from the world of the Exclusive Places.
  13. Free entry to the VIP area at selected airports.
  14. The full assistance for Exclusive Places Club Members in communicating with foreigners  (translations, interpretations).
  15. An exceptional service in the places of the Exclusive Places Group base.
  16. The possibility of creating of your own account and possibility logging in to the portal.
  17. Translations of texts in the shortest possible  time (e.g. via email).
  18. The possibility of erranding an unlimited amount of services via email or through the Call Center information service. 

The Exclusive Places Club serves as a concierge for its Members. For many years, fulfilling all the desires of our Members has been giving us joy and satisfaction.
The list of privileges is  being systematically updated, because our Group is constantly developing  and is never surprised by new challenges.
We strive to make our Members satisfied and to make the Exclusive Places brand instantly recognizable.

View Regulations of the Exclusive Places Club

*The Member Card is accepted in those premises from the Exclusive Places Group database  which have featured such information on their profile at the The airports that honor the Member Card are listed in “The Exclusive Places Airports.” (access after logging in)