What is the Exclusive Places Club?

The Exclusive Places Club is the most prestigious association in the world. The establishment of the www.exclusive-places.com service was dictated by a desire to gather the most prestigious places in Europe and form the community of customers who can afford to take advantage of the conveniences offered by the places form the Exclusive Places base. The Exclusive Places team is a group of specialists working in different countries of Europe and cooperating with European companies. We serve as a concierge running various errands for our clients in many languages.
We also provide our Members with full telephone assistance. We strive to make our Members satisfied and the Exclusive Places brand instantly recognizable.

Who are the Members of the Exclusive Places Club and how you can get a membership?

The Exclusive Places Club Members are people of every nationality that enjoy advantages offered by the Exclusive Places Club. Membership can be bestowed only be the Exclusive Places Group which conducts a thorough selection of candidates. Our goal is not to attract the largest possible number of clients but to interact with unique people who value their time and entrust it with professionals.

What privileges does the Member Card give?

The presentation of the Member Card in every establishment from the Exclusive Places base immediately direct its staff attention to the Cardholder. Such person is treated uniquely, since the Member Card is an indicator of the client’s prestige. We offer our Members not only access to the world's largest base of exclusive places in Europe, but also a number of privileges. Benefits of the Member Cardholders do not end with the basic assumptions which include free entry to clubs, booking and discounts. Members may talk to the head chefs of restaurants,  open an account at the bar, go to the VIP area at the airports or use the Call Center service. The list of privileges is systematically updated. Our Group is constantly developing and is never surprised by new challenges.

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What is a Call Center and what it enables?

The Exclusive Places Club serves as a concierge for its Members mainly through the Call Center. This is a telephone information service with the help of which Members can settle various matters. It is largely to facilitate travels of our clients abroad and help meeting all their needs. By calling the Call Center you can appoint us to do every single matter for you. It includes any room or table reservations, renting a yacht, luxury cars and airplanes. Also organization of events, before and after party, entertainment, such as paintball, quad bikes. Help in choosing a hotel, restaurant, club. Ensuring security, confidentiality, company, and any translation in the case of not knowing the language. Being abroad, not everyone is able to use a foreign language, so the Exclusive Places Club offers its Members convenience of telephone interpreting. By calling our telephone information service Members describe the things that they want to be done and provide the handset to the person concerned. Our consultants will explain these issues and assist in their implementation. There are no language barriers for the Members of the Exclusive Places Club, as it takes care of all the problems. For many years, fulfilling all the desires of our Members has been giving us joy and satisfaction.