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Philippe Rochat
Philippe Rochat

Philippe Rochat restaurant

 / Crissier (VD) / Die Schweiz

d’Yverdon 1
1023 Crissier (VD)
+41 (21) 63 40 505
Die Beschreibung

They actually talk very little in the big kitchen of this fine Swiss Restaurant Philippe Rochat. Two of the cooks, Franck Giovannini and Benoît Violier already have the status as great chefs. I am sure that they would like to score points to be included in the highest league too. But for now they are closely listening to the scarcely commands of the patron Philippe Rochat, which are transmitted by a mini-microphone. It shows that everything has to be just to perfection.

Outside the kitchen, the guests don't notice the twice daily stress at the stove. Monsieur Louis Villeneuve leads with Grandezza the enormous service brigade and shows occasionally how a duck is really sliced. And then there is Christoph Montaud who is representing the vine card. As a Sommelier he has specialized knowledge about wine and liquors, even so he doesn't like to be a showman.

And then, suddenly it's starting in unbelievable precise rhythm. First we got served wonderful knife clams from the Atlantic ocean with a few drops of lemon from Menton.

Then continued historic classical, just like described in the old cooking books with a "Salammbo" of foie de gras and black truffles.

Then allegedly simple: Green asparagus from Pertuis with big heads, most thoroughly prepared to which comes a fine Bitter note.

Mr. Rochat, owner and star chef of the Restaurant Philippe Rochat tells us that he pays about five Swiss Francs for just one asparagus - but that doesn't prevent him from serving additionally a spoon of Oscietra-kaviar with it.

Yes, stars like him really enjoy to have fun to include an extra course of a special kind into each menu. It was a Signature dish on this particular evening. Mushrooms were formed into squares, called "cubism de morilles" What a taste of experience! We were really impressed and then dedicated ourselves to the fish courses.

The filet de barbue astonished by being a bit on the spicy side, contributed by the carotte juice and the chutney. The pétoncles - duck clams - from Grandville were served with rare sea-hedgehogs. There was no need for additional components for the excellent lukewarm langoustines from Port Elisabeth - only a perfect Court-bouillon and a bit of ginger. Standouts also included an igloo-shaped construction of Spaghetti with white Alba truffles (in October) and Parmigiano-Reggiano with a quail egg in the middle; Langoustines from Brittany; and a Cotes d'Agneau (lamb) with Thai Spices.


The ambition of the kitchen staff at the Restaurant Philippe Rochat is also for the main courses unstoppable: Ducks, lambs, kidneys or beef from the Simmental belong to the repertoire.
You will find many rare dishes on the menu card, especially in the winter-time and fortunately they serve reasonable portions too.

That way one still has desire and capacity to let roll by the impressing cheese cart which presented some tough choices. Probably the most interesting were the fresh goat cheese thickly covered with pepper and ground spices in a top-notch olive oil.

Even more difficult to decide were the desserts on the dessert cart. In the Restaurant Philippe Rochat, Baking Chef Cyril Maurel also earns our bravour as a top class Pastry-cook. As a pre-dessert, we had a parfait of blood orange sorbet perfumed with Napoleon mandarins, a frozen cyclone of citrus topped with creamy citrus foam and a silvery spiral of pulled sugar. Then came a kebab of pineapple impaled on a whole Tahitian vanilla bean and roasted to a deep caramel.

Swiss and French wines dominate the cellar, but Chile, Argentina, Australia, South Africa and the rest of Europe is represented.

Classic red bordeaux if you don't mind the price includes 1945 Mouton Rothschild at over USD 6,000, 1961 Margaux at USD 2,600 or a 1961 Lafite at USD 2,500.

On the cheaper side, Sommelier Fréderic Compain recommends from the Sélection Philippe Rochat, a Swiss white wine called Clavien, a 1995 for USD 80. If you prefer red wine, how about a 1995 Côte de Rôtie for USD 166.

After visiting the Restaurant Philippe Rochat in Crissier, it became clear why Philippe Rochat shines with his entire honor like a star in the firmament in all gastronomy guides. As he says: I have respect before the products, respect before the guests which proves the exceptionally high level of his gourmet temple. You can count on extremely friendly reception when entering the Restaurant Philippe Rochat in which reservation is essential.